Books by Elsa Beskow

The following Elsa Beskow books are published by Bonnier Carlsen and have been translated into English. See a complete list of available Elsa Beskow books in English.

The Tale of the Little, Little Old Woman – 1897
Peter in Blueberry Land – 1898
Ollie’s Ski Trip – 1905
Children of the Forest – 1907
Thumbelina (text: H C Andersen) – 1908
Pelle’s New Suit – 1910
The Flowers’ Festival – 1912
Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender – 1917
Christopher’s Harvest Time – 1919
The Land of Long Ago – 1922
Aunt Brown’s Birthday – 1925
Around the year – 1927
Peter and Lotta’s Adventure – 1927
The Children of Hat Cottage – 1930
The Sun Egg – 1932
The Curious Fish – 1932
Princess Sylvie – 1933
Woody, Hazel and Little Pip – 1934
Emily and Daisy – 1939
Uncle Blue’s New Boat – 1941
Peter and Lotta’s Christmas – 1945
Peter’s Old House – 1949


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Children’s Lounge at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Travelling with children can be stressful. In order to make the travel experience as comfortable as possible, the Stockholm-Arlanda airport’s youngest passengers now have a lounge of their own in Terminal 5. The lounge, a collaboration between Junibacken and Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, is based on the Swedish author Elsa Beskow’s most beloved children’s books. In the lounge, children can crawl into Hat-House and Olle’s Cabin, ride on a field mouse, pick giant blueberries and slide down a giant chanterelle. The lounge is for children up to the age of 12 and has a corner for watching movies, reading books and playing games. Läs mer