Children’s Lounge at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Travelling with children can be stressful. In order to make the travel experience as comfortable as possible, the Stockholm-Arlanda airport’s youngest passengers now have a lounge of their own in Terminal 5. The lounge, a collaboration between Junibacken and Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, is based on the Swedish author Elsa Beskow’s most beloved children’s books. In the lounge, children can crawl into Hat-House and Olle’s Cabin, ride on a field mouse, pick giant blueberries and slide down a giant chanterelle. The lounge is for children up to the age of 12 and has a corner for watching movies, reading books and playing games.

The exhibition Elsa Beskow’s World of Stories at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is a 100 sq meter play area based on the following books by Elsa Beskow: Hat Cottage (1930), Children of the Forest (1910), Peter in Blueberry Land (1901), Olle’s Ski Trip (1907), and The Sun Egg (1932). The books, which will be available in several languages in the lounge, allow children in Stockholm-Arlanda’s international Terminal 5 to travel through the world of stories.

Elsa Beskow, who lived in the Stockholm suburb Djursholm, was a master at depicting Swedish nature, which comprises a key element in all her work. Her books are widely published in other languages, and she is considered the author who introduced Swedish children’s books to the rest of the world. Peter in Blueberry Land was the first book to be translated, into German in 1903, into Danish in 1912, and into English in 1931. Today, Elsa Beskow’s books have been translated into 19 languages.

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